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Welcome Property Managers,

We are here for you.

Jim Murray Roofing works with select property management companies throughout Southern California. We focus entirely on the roofing needs of managed properties and the requirements that industry demands. We know this industry. We know how to communicate and relate with your boards, tenants and owners. Our systems are designed to provide efficient service and track all aspects of the process. We are data driven. Having the data to track service requests and communications lets us stay on top of everything and be efficient doing it. We don’t drop balls. When you pass us the ball we take all the steps necessary to score. We are a winning team. We’ll team up with you; your clients and colleagues will see us operating as a winning team and they’ll be asking who your roofer is!

We are open. You have roofing to get done. Pass us the ball. We’ll work as a team with you and score every time.