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The Team

Management Team

Jim Murray
As an Orange County native I am committed to this community. Providing Shelter is our motto. I provide shelter and that is something I am proud of; something my whole team is proud of. I have been in the roofing industry for over 29 years and I have been successfully managing roofing projects large and small since 1987.I have provided roofing services for the property management industry since 1991. I've put together a roofing and customer service dream team. We are excited to offer you the best service and a great price.
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Lina Mong
Vice President
Started out at the bottom as an office support preparing proposals and work orders in 2010; I learned roofing with the support of both the office staff and the field technicians. What started out as a temporary job grew to be my career and passion. Still, I get to apply the knowledge I attained pursuing my degree in psychology. I focus on deciphering industry needs, fulfilling our clients' requests and building long-lasting relationships of trust and respect. This is far from where I thought I would be right after college, but managing roofing projects is satisfying and rewarding. Alongside Mr. Jim Murray, I love being able to help provide shelter.
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Brianna Tessier-Gutierrez
Administrative Assistant

Brianna has years of administrative assistance experience. She handles our incoming calls and coordinates/schedules inspections. She has excellent customer service and has years of experience working with HOAs and property mangers. 

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Field Team

Jose Pulido
[php_everywhere instance="1"] Years Experience
Jose and Jim Murray have worked alongside each other for years; Pulido as we call him, was Jim's top pick for his roofing dream team. Jose is educated in nearly every type of roofing system. He is an accomplished foreman with hundreds of successful projects under his belt. Not only that, but he is an expert communicator and has been working mostly with property managers; he knows the ins and outs of roofing on managed properties.
Samuel Garcia
[php_everywhere instance="3"] Years Experience
Sammy is a skilled roofer who has experience in installing many types of roof systems including single ply roof system. You can check out one of his single ply projects in our gallery tab!
Florencio Miranda
[php_everywhere instance="6"] Years Experience
Florencio is a knowledgeable foreman and has years of roofing experience installing built-up roofs! With his innovative mind, he can always find alternatives for tricky situations! From the start to the end, he makes sure the job is done right!
Mauricio Mercado
[php_everywhere instance="7"] Years Experience
Mau always brings a great attitude to every job! You can always spot him out by his bright smiles! His personable self and years of roofing experience make him a great foreman whom all the guys love to work with.
Diego Miranda

[php_everywhere instance="8"] Years Experience

Diego is a young and driven foreman. He is also personable and very talented in roofing!

Roberto Garcia

[php_everywhere instance="9"] Years Experience

Roberto is knowledgeable and experienced in single ply roof systems along with many other types of roof systems. He is detail oriented, respectful, and innovative making him a great foreman to work with!

Michelle Olivares

[php_everywhere instance="10"] Years Experience

Mich is a young and knowledgeable individual who has many years of roofing experience. He is also a great communicator, making him a great inspector!

Jose Rosario

[php_everywhere instance="11"] Years Experience

Jose is a young foreman who is full of roofing experience. He started out in roofing working alongside his dad, who is also a foreman at JMRI. Jose brings a positive attitude to the job everyday! 

Tony Rosario

[php_everywhere instance="12"] Years Experience

Tony always has a happy attitude and is always ready to lend a helping hand. He is an experienced foreman with years of roofing experience. Aside from shingle, built-up, and tile, he is also a master at single ply!

Angel Ramos

[php_everywhere instance="13"] Years Experience

Although young, Angel is already an experienced foreman! He is also innovative, especially in coating. Angel always has ideas to make the project better!