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The Services

Exclusively for Property Managers
Our Specialty
Working with property managers, tenants and owners is a skill that we've got down. There are plenty of decent roofers out there but to succeed in this niche industry we've perfected our communication skills too. We track each request you make. We are prompt. We communicate progress. We follow up. We do not drop the ball.
Safety is First
For our own peace of mind, and yours
We take our own safety very seriously. Our company is made up of friends and colleagues, and each of us has our own family to come home to at night. Roofs can be dangerous places to work. They are not forgiving. Protecting ourselves, protecting our lives, with regular safety training and audits is absolutely key to our safety, to keeping the best people here at our company, and to our success. Keeping safety at the forefront of our minds also keeps you and your clients safe, both legally and from the sort of careless accidents that all-too-often occur with less attentive companies. To help us accomplish our goals we've teamed up with Safety Compliance Companies, experts in the field of safety training and audits.
Always Available
Sure we sleep but we also always have somebody on call. Not just someone to pick up the phone but someone to head out, even in the middle of the night, to a true emergency. Even when the leak doesn't warrant an emergency visit in the middle of the night, it is comforting to your tenants and owners to know that the call has already been made and that we will be there in the morning to help.
Prompt Scheduling
and courteous too!
When a tenant has a roofing issue they contact you, their property manager. At this point you pass the ball to us. We move on your service request right away. We'll contact the tenant using every phone number, email, text at our disposal. We'll document everything we do and let you know if we are having any problems getting a hold of them. We always follow up. Our process ensures you look great.
Leak Detection
A honed skill
We've hired the best in the industry. In order to be the best roofer one needs to understand how water flows, how it absorbes, what it can travel on, how wind affects it. Our techs know where to look and do not make assumptions. We make sure we pinpoint the leak source during each visual inspection so we can make the best and most accurate recommendations for repairs. This saves time, money, and best of all, headaches.
Roof Repairs
Done right
Our recommendations for repairs are well thought out and well explained. We design each repair recommendation - that is to say that each recommendation is custom to each roof, its age, material and condition. We follow our industry's best practices. You'll get nothing but the best, most professional roofers who know how to execute this custom repair and handle and communicate any issues as they arise.
Roof Cleaning and Maintenance
Including gutters
We manage your roofs for you. The best way to stay on top of your properties' roofs is to have us on top of your roof at least once a year. We schedule with you, notify your tenants, clean the roofs and gutters, inspect for any issues, perform maintenance repairs, clean the grounds, write up a report, send you a copy and file that information. Tenants and owners benefit. The roof will realize its maximum potential. You look great.
Roof Replacements
Analyze, Communicate, Propose, Hire, Happy
This is usually an extensive process. We first get on site and analyze the current system; we note how many layers of roofing, what method of construction, any visible issues with the drainage and all the other little details of the current setup. Then our team meets to discuss the best options for this building's next roof. We'll be in communication with you, the property manager, ensuring any questions you have for us, or we have for you, are answered. We propose a new roof system and price. You hire us. You get a great experience. We install the new roof to industry best practices. Tenants and owners are happy with us, with the roof and best of all, with you, their property manager. You look great.