Open for Business

Murray Christmas everyone! The holidays are over, the new years is here and we haven’t skipped a beat. We’ve officially opened our doors here at Jim Murray Roofing. We’ve hit the ground running too! Rains! We all know SoCal needs the rain badly but that also means roof leaks. Our property manager clients are relying on us and we are responding. Contact us and we’ll take care of it: (714) 744-4476

I’d like to introduce my company, who we are and what we do, and I’ll keep it brief. I’ve put together my roofing dream team – all people, friends, that I’ve worked with for years. People I trust. People I know to be the best in the industry. Click this link to meet The Team. We’ve decided to focus on servicing managed properties. Managed properties require particular skills in attention to detail, project management and communication that we have in spades. We are working solely with:

  • Apartments
  • Homeowner Association
  • Commercial and retail
  • Industrial
  • and any other property that is managed professionally


Our service cover all types of roofing needs, here is a short list but you can see more at The Services page;

  • Accurate leak detection
  • Temporary leak mitigation – Emergency repairs or tarping
  • Detailed roof repair – Getting it done the right way
  • Cleaning and maintenance of roofs and gutters – Solving problems before they adversely affect you
  • Roof replacements – Complete project management covering all aspects that large roofing projects demand


We are here for you, the property managers of SoCal, to take away your roofing headaches! Together we can keep SoCal sheltered.

Thanks for all your support. Here is to a successful 2017!


Jim Murray – President